What is a Smart Meter?

Utility companies are telling homeowners that they are only using these meters for periodic readings.  They lead one to believe that they are only using the meters once a month for reading your meter.

The new meter’s will provide 2-way communication, so they will be able to turn off meters from their site saving them time and money.

Utility companies claim that homeowners will get more accurate readings, resulting in possible savings.

Smart meters are more efficient, so they are “greener.”

Smart Meters are safe and use lower RF waves than your cell phone

Smart Meters operate on the outside of your house, so there is very little effect on the occupants of the house

What Utility Companies Want You To Believe

Tests have shown that Smart Meter readings are taking place every few minutes 24-7

Because of the RF network necessary for Smart Meters to operate, the range of the RF waves is very strong and is designed to travel long distances.

Smart Meters are designed to communicate with all ‘smart technology’ in the home, so the waves penetrate walls and windows as if they do not exist.

If utility companies have 2-way communication with the ‘smart technology’ in your home and they can turn off your electric from their site, there is no reason why in the future they will not use this device to literally control usage.  This could impact when a homeowner does laundry, washes dishes, bathes, etc.

More energy is necessary to operate this continuous network, so being ‘greener’ remains in question.

It has been reported in other states, where Smart Meters have been in effect for some time that utility bills have gone up, due to the use of these meters. (LINK HERE)

It has been reported that Smart Meters have interfered with medical equipment (i.e., monitors, pace-makers, c-pap equipment), garage door openers, baby monitors, routers, Wi-fi equipment  (LINK HERE)

There have been fires reported due to the installation of these meters.  PECO actually stopped installation for a period of time due to these fires.  They claim to have a new company producing the Smart Meters; however, there was a recent fire in Tredyffrin Township due to the installation of a Smart Meter.  Fortunately, the homeowners were present at the time of the fire, or they would have lost their house.  (LINK HERE)

Because Smart Meters operate by RF waves, there is nothing to protect the consumer from someone hacking into private information to determine when a homeowner is away or what their lifestyle habits are, etc.

Utility companies have the ability to provide this information to third-parties, including the government.


Any new electronic device including refrigerators and other appliances now contain an RF chip which can communicate with other RF devices – in particular – Smart Meters – so they are designed for 2-way communication.

What Is the Truth?

A Smart Meter is a meter installed by your local utility company to replace your present meter.

It utilizes Radio Frequency (RF) waves which are electromagnetic fields (used in wireless devices)

It provides 2-way communication, giving utility companies the ability to:
    1. Turn on and off meters from a central location
    2. Determine usage of individual homes
    3. Know what devices are being used in the

    4. Know when devices are being used in the 


Scientific Evidence

It produces RF waves which negatively impact our environment as well as our health - The World Health Organization reported that the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified that electromagnetic fields produced by RF devices may be carcinogenic to humans.

Limited studies have been conducted regarding the health-hazards of using RF devices (i.e. smart/cell phones, computer routers, TV’s, etc.)  Additionally, scientists are just starting to investigate the impact of cell/microwave towers.  Please click button below to see the Biological Report on the effects of RF technology.