"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

-Fourth Amendment to the Constitution

The Truth (cont.)

Testimony on Smart Meter Fires

Getting Smarter About the Smart Grid  (Detailed Report)



UL SAFETY CERTIFICATION of Smart Meters List (Instructions:  This link will take you directly to the UL online Certification Database. Enter “POCZ” in the “UL Category Code” space to bring up the list of manufacturers who have UL Certified Smart Meters. Then click on the “Link to file” for each entry to see the specific models that have obtained UL Safety Certification.)

Safety Advice

Excerpt from:  www.motherearth.news.com  - How to avoid EMF exposure.

Use hard-wired telephones. Whenever possible, use a hard-wired telecom connection or a voice-over-internet connection such as Skye instead of a cell or cordless phone.

Use a speakerphone or handset. In an emergency, when there is no other option, speak for as short a time as possible on the cell phone, and always use a speakerphone, headset, or handset attachment, available from the EMF Safety Store.

Go "BlueTube," not BlueTooth. Instead of EMF-based Bluetooth-type headsets or earbuds, use hard wired headsets, or "BlueTube" headsets, which utilize plastic, stethoscope-like tubes to conduct soundwaves but not EMF to the ear.

Cell phones and cars are a bad mix. Using a cell phone in a car, train, aircraft, elevator or any other metal enclosure forces the phone to draw much higher power, which increases the EMF. Cars also magnify EMF through reflection.

Say "bye bye" to wi-fi. Whenever possible, link your computer to the internet via a hard-wired router and an Ethernet cord, rather than a wireless router or hybrid wireless/wired router, which can emit radiation even if using the wired Ethernet port. Choose a wired printer, keyboard and mouse. Hybrid printers with wireless options can still emit EMF even when using a corded connection.

iPads = iRads: Apple iPads offer only wi-fi or 3G internet connectivity. Microwave radiation from iPads can be very high, especially when downloading from the internet. When charging, iPads can also expose users to unusually high voltage levels from electric fields.

Shield the routers. A wireless router's job is to emit continuous EMF, enabling communication between computers, home entertainment systems and other devices. You can cover it with a Router Wrap made of high-quality, double-duty shielding material. Router Wraps, which can also be used to shield wireless printer antennas, portable phone base stations and other RF devices, are available from ElectromagneticHealth.org. Proceeds support the group’s advocacy work.

Say no to smart meters. A handful of communities in northern California have placed a moratorium on further roll-outs of "smart meters," which track power usage and facilitate real time pricing, because some people have experienced acute biological effects from the EMF they emit.

Create an EMF-free bedroom. Don't bring cell phones, portable phones, wireless routers or computers into the bedroom. Unplug electric devices, such as electric blankets and space heaters, near the bed. Use battery-powered LCD clocks (not LED), keeping them several feet from the body. Keep extension cords or power strips away from the bed. For a profoundly relaxing night's sleep, try turning off the bedroom switch on the fuse box or installing a "demand switch" to turn the fuse off at the bedside, to eliminate all electrical current.

Consider a shielding canopy. If you’re sensitive to EMFs, consider purchasing a specially designed mesh bed canopy, sometimes called a sleep sanctuary, that shields the bed from RF from cell towers and wi-fi devices. Bed canopies are available from the EMF Safety Store.

Be careful with wireless baby monitors. According to Larry Gust of Gust Environmental, the new generation monitors "generate radiation signature similar to cell phones, cordless phones, wi-fi and some wireless children's games (e.g. X-Box 360)". Search for old analog monitors with long antennae (not short stubby ones) on EBay or in thrift shops.

For more information on potential health risks associated with EMF exposure and tips on minimizing those risks, check out AntennaSearch.com, which lets you input any U.S. address and quickly learn where licensed antennas and towers are, and  ElectromagneticHealth.org, which features videos on EMF and health.