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Smart Meters are in the news on a regular basis because of either the safety hazards they have caused or because lawsuits are being filed for  everything from physical impairments to invasion of privacy.

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about us

Our Coalition is comprised of Pennsylvania residents acting as a collective force to stop the mandates being placed upon us by laws in opposition to
our constitutional rights through the use of intrusive devices, including Smart Meters and all connective technology set forth by the PA Public Utility Commission through Act 129:  laws that are designed by local and federal government to invade our private lives and households.

Occasionally, we hold events in our own communities...distributing literature and educating our neighbors about Smart Meters.

Sometimes we meet to go to specific legislators and make our voice heard.

We meet up in Harrisburg several times during the year when our legislators are in session.

We also hold conference calls about every two or three weeks to update our members with important information.

If you are interested in receiving info on our events/conference calls, please go to our 'Get Involved' page and fill in your name and email address, and we will make sure to add you to our email list. 

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